Sunday Mass

7:00AM in Japanese

9:30AM in Japanese

12:00 Noon in English



APRIL 14th : PALM Sunday, Mass in English at 12:00 

APRIL 18TH :  Mass in Japanese at 19:00

APRIL 19th : Mass in Japanese at 19:00

APRIL 20th : Mass in Japanese at 19:00 

APRIL 21st : Easter Mass in English at 12:00  


Sunday School

Catechism class for children above 4 years from 11:00AM. We will learn about Jesus Christ and learn how to pray. Summer Camp, Christmas, New Year celebration and much more fun for the children


Christmas, New year, International, Bazaar events

Photo Gallery


We have very good english choir in our church, People of different nationalities singing in the church, choir practice is conducted, please join us to sing and praise Lord Jesus. During International Mass, songs from different countries are sang


For Baptism, Holy communion, Confirmation, Sunday school, Thanks giving mass, etc, Please contact or write to Fr. John Joseph : j-puthen@sophia.ac.jp

Father John Joseph Puthenkalam, S.J


Present Priest: Fr.John Joseph Puthenkalam S.J is a Jesuit from Sophia University (上智大学), Tokyo. He was born in Kerala,India. He first came to Japan in 1986. He is a Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Graduate Division of Global Environment Studies. As a member of the faculty he is quite involved with the regular and extra curriculur activities like MEGUKO. We are very proud to have him in our parish. For further details please check his homepage

Parish Priest : Father Takahiro Tanaka


Father Takahiro Tanaka was born in Nerima-ku, Tokyo in January 4, 1953. He was ordained Priest in February 2, 1982. On the same year, he was assigned in Machida Church as a co-pastor and then worked at the office of the Tokyo Diocese in 1986. After this, he worked for many years as the parish priest in Akitsu, Koenji, Kodaira, Kanda Churches in Tokyo. He is currently the parish priest at Toshima, St. Patrick’s church


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